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Sensori di prossimità Gamma System

sensori di prossimità sono dei sensori in grado di rilevare la presenza di oggetti nelle immediate vicinanze, senza che vi sia un effettivo contatto.

The distance within which these sensors detect objects is called the sighting range. Some models have an adjustment system to be able to calibrate the length of view

The absence of mechanical actuation mechanisms, and of physical contact between the sensor and the object, means that these sensors have very high reliability.


Sensori fotoelettrici Gamma System

A photoelectric sensor, also known as a photocell, is a device used to detect and/or measure the distance, absence or presence of an object using an optical source - usually infrared - and a photoelectric receiver. They are widely used in industrial automation and civil applications. There are basically three operating principles: barrier, reflector, and direct reflection (direct touch).

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