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Light curtains are systems that use a beam of light to create a "barrier" that can be used to detect the presence of objects in a specific area.

They consist of a light projector and a receiver, positioned on opposite sides of the safety area. When an object interrupts the light beam between the projector and the receiver, the system detects the presence of the object and can trigger an action, such as stopping a machine or raising an alarm.

Gamma System can offer a series of infrared safety light curtains, made by microprocessor technology, designed to protect the operator from dangerous parts.

Different solutions are available, in safety level 2 or 4, both with resolution 14 – 20 – 30 – 35 – 40 and 50 mm with range from 0.1 to 17 m, than with low number of beams (from 1 to 4) with range from 0.2 to 60 m, with protected heights from 100 to 1950 mm, all with 24 VDC power supply.

Sono previste funzioni speciali a richiesta quali muting e blanking.

The offer is completed by special solutions as curved version or with a built-in transmitter / receiver to create the so-called "curtain" function or IP67.

The ATEX safety barrier, consisting of a IP65 projector and receiver, easy to install and adjust. The supply can be completed through the adoption of a 4 category safety control unit in case large number of contacts have to be controlled or for output high currents requirements (3 A).

Reference standard EN 13849-1

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