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A pneumatic evacuator is a system used to remove chips and scraps of material (such as metals, plastics or wood) from machine tools during the machining process.

The compressed air used creates a flow that pushes the chips towards a container or collection tube

Pneumatic chip and swarf conveyors are often used in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive, mechanical engineering and electronics.

They are useful for keeping the working environment clean and for preventing equipment from clogging

Gamma System evacuators have the following advantages:

• pneumatic movement; • simple and safe operation; • multiple fixing solutions; • possibility of adjusting and replacing the raceways, even building it yourself. • the vertical dimensions of the raceways include the useful space for the pieces to be evacuated; • possibility of reversing the direction of movement and varying the number of pulses according to the weight, shape and speed of the pieces; • available in 2 versions: Slim 1 and Slim 2 adaptable to different applications.

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