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Sensitive bumper

Gamma System pressure sensitive bumpers are used to provide protection of persons against impacts with vehicles or parts of machines in motion such as AGVs, travelling lifts, wire-guided vehicles, automated warehouses, etc... A sensor, securely fixed to a supporting plate, is fitted inside the bumper. The whole assembly is then embedded in polyurethane foam and protected with a waterproof covering material. Careful construction and optimum materials used ensure maximum reliability of bumpers and quick generation of signals which are used to stop hazardous motion. Gamma System bumpers are available in standard shapes or in special shapes according to customer’s design. The pressure sensitive device is controlled via adequate electronic, safety devices.

In according to Standards EN ISO 13856-3 and EN ISO 13849-1

  • Coating with waterproof fabric
  • PVC coating
  • Anti-spark coating

Shock absorber. Fabric coating
Shock absorber. PVC coating, Anti-spark, painted
Pre-run 20% depth of shock absorber
Overrun 50% depth of shock absorber
Without deformation 30% depth of shock absorber
Operative pressure < 150 N ø80 mm
< 300 N test subject 45x400 mm
Max. length 3000mm
Response time <200 ms devices Gamma System
Mech. lifetime internal contact 10000 operations
Max. operation voltage 24 Vcc/ca
Supply cable 4x0,35mm² lunghezza standard 3000mm
Outlet contact N.O
Reference temperature -10°C + 55°C
Protection IP 54 IP 65
Chemical resistance Oil, hydrocarb., diesel Oil, hydrocarb., diesel, solvents, atmospheric agents, anti-flame
Reference standard Safety category Test according to EN ISO 13856-3
Cat. 3 PL e combined with control units type GP02/E and GP02R.T